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From starting as weed growers in the Netherlands to storming the US market, we at Royal Queen Seeds have learned a thing or two about high-quality cannabis seeds. Explore the best cannabis seed catalogue featuring autoflowering, feminized, CBD, and F1 hybrid cannabis seeds, organically grown and tested for optimal germination rate and quality.

    Our comprehensive selection of feminized cannabis seeds has been expertly bred to produce only female cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants are guaranteed to provide cannabinoid-rich flowers for growers to harvest.

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    What Does Feminized Cannabis Seeds Mean?
    Feminized cannabis seeds are 99.9% guaranteed to produce buds, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor growers. All of our feminized seeds are photoperiod, meaning you’ll need to strike the right balance of light and darkness to make them flower.

    To quickly and easily tell if weed seeds are feminized, check the datasheet on the relevant product page. The datasheet contains key attributes and will help you pick the perfect cannabis seeds.

    What Are the Advantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds?
    Whether you’re entirely new to growing cannabis or an experienced hand, our feminized cannabis seeds offer several distinct benefits:

    99.9% guaranteed to produce bud-bearing female plants
    Straightforward to grow—no need to check for male plants
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing
    Reliable genetics
    Maximum potency and aroma
    Larger yields compared to autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds
    Why Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds?
    Growers and cannabis users of all stripes love feminized marijuana seeds for several reasons:

    Growers favour larger, more robust plants that respond well to training. Feminized seeds give them time to learn how to become a better grower.
    Recreational users find the flavour, aroma, and high intensely satisfying. With a vast selection to choose from, it’s easy to find a feminized strain you’ll adore.
    For holistic users, feminized cannabis seeds offer diverse cannabinoid profiles rich in THC and/or CBD.

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