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Unleash the potential of Medical and Pharmaceutical Cannabis.
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About Zen Seeds Bank

Expertise you can trust

Tap into unparalleled expertise and discover the epitome of cannabis and hemp genetics. Our seed bank, established by Raman Chauhan, a seasoned professional with over four decades of personal cultivation know-how and 30 years of expertise in the energy sector, brings together a committed team hailing from India, USA, Thailand, and Canada. Collectively, we boast over 100 years of hands-on experience in cultivating and perfecting premium cannabis seeds since 1989.

Serving the Global Community

Fostering Innovation in Medical and Pharmaceutical Cannabis: Our establishments in Hapur, India, Sacramento, California, USA, and Pattaya, Thailand, are dedicated to the research and cultivation of industrial hemp and medical cannabis seeds featuring exceptional genetics. With state-of-the-art laboratories, grow rooms, and farming areas, we are devoted to disseminating our expertise and empowering the local community.

Commercial Services

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical cannabis ecosystem through our affiliated company, BLAZEN PHOTONICS. Your ultimate source for premium soil, nutrients, tents, lighting, vertical farms, and container systems can be found at blazenphotonics.com. Discover a seamless full-cycle solution, conveniently available in one location. Your path to a successful harvest begins here.

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Complete list of Cannabis seeds available in Zen Seeds Bank. To know more about each strain click each seed and checkout more details on its page.

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